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Proud To Be Part Of The Growth Company
12 Feb
  • Nico Louise Lee


Since delivering its first loan in January 2013, BFS has gone on to deliver
 over £225million of funding nationally with £17.6m of this across the North West, which has helped over 2200 entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in the region. 

BFS has financed some of the North West’s most exciting new business launches including the acclaimed Stockport restaurant Where Where The Light Gets In which has seen food critics lining up to sing its praises and Seven Bro7hers which has expanded from a small range of craft beers to their own beerhouse and brewery premises in Ancoats. 

Paul Breen, Director of Business Finance Solutions, said: “In the past five year we have seen the £17m of Start-Up Loans invested in the North West completely transform the lending landscape for new and growing businesses, helping to ensure that our Start up scene is more dynamic, inventive and robust than ever.   

“The entrepreneurs we have been working with since 2013 have enormous energy, passion and commitment and have created thousands of jobs in that time, roles that simply wouldn’t exist without this kind of alternative finance. These start up success stories just keep coming and we’re working closer than ever with our local authority and growth hub partners to ensure that North West entrepreneurs can count on the support they need to help drive our region’s economic success and stability.”  

Joanna Hill, CEO of Start Up Loans, said: “BFSis a key delivery partner for the Start Up Loans programme and I am delighted they with the impressive results they have achievedduring the five years they have worked with The Start Up Loans Company. They have proved thatstarting a business can provide individuals with a viable career option other than just following the traditional employment route and, as a result, have helped to launch many exciting new businesses. We look forward to continuing to work with BFS over the coming year and helping to grow the number of start up businesses across the North West.